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Thread: Fabulous Fords Forever 2016 over 1800 pictures

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    Fabulous Fords Forever 2016 over 1800 pictures

    Been waiting days for a 2016 sub forum to post the link to my pictures. Posting it here and this can be moved to the proper place later. If you go to my website and look at car shows you will find links to all the shows I photograph throughout the year, usually the same day of the show.

    Another Fabulous Fords Forever is completed. This year it sold out with over 1800 cars registered. Many attendees I spoke with remarked how the parking was improved this year. Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who put this massive event together.

    To me it looked like more spectators than ever were there. The Santa Ana winds were there too. This shows why easy-ups should not be permitted in the display areas of any car show. I saw several chairs blowing around, and Hank Williams hood got blown shut. I came home covered in dirt. Almost like I was at the beach all day.

    It was National Mustang Day and everyone got a sticker telling you so. In the goody bag was the usual collectors pin, and a license plate frame that says "Fabulous Fords Forever". Lots of sponsor giveaways, posters, sunglasses, catalogs, autographed pictures.

    Taking pictures for over 6 hours straight and I still did not get everything. The sun makes it so you must plan which rows of cars to take and when. Still hard to get a decent shot.

    I missed seeing Cleo Shelby and Linda Vaughn, and all the infield guests. I did see the awards presentation, which are the Bill Stroppe Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Truck, and the Johna Pepper Memorial Trophy for Best of show. These are the only awards given at this show.

    There were a lot of cars that were there for the first time or had not been there in a few years. I had a great time and no one told me that they had otherwise.

    Click the picture below to see over 1800 pictures from the fabulous Fords Forever Show at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park California.

    Click on the words at the top or bottoms of the index pages to see more index thumbnails. Or click on a thumbnail to enlarge that picture, and then click on the words at the top or bottoms of the pages to navigate through the enlarged pictures, or return to the index pages.

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    there is a sub-forum now. you are welcome. thank you for posting your pictures.
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