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About `57 Fords International

`57 Fords International is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the recovery, restoration, and preservation of as many examples of the 1957 Ford automobile as possible. It is the mission of `57 Fords International to register and document each 1957 Ford automobile as they are found. There are over 1.5 million for us to find.
All owners of 1957 Ford passenger cars will be welcome. Ownership, however is not a requirement for membership. If you enjoy seeing these cars, you have a place here as well. All 1957 Fords, from restored original to fire-breathing hot rods, to ground-scraping customs, and everything in between, all will be welcome in `57 Fords International.
`57 Fords International was originally founded in July 1999, as an internet online club at Excite Communities. At the time it was called `57 Fords Forever. As time passed and membership grew, more and more `57 Ford owners were uniting together for a future cause. Eventually, software problems at Excite forced the community to make a move to Yahoo! Clubs.
For the first time in the club's existence, it made significant gains in membership numbers and a knowledge base. Several members display quite a bit of knowledge on the subject of old Fords, and are eager to share this knowledge with a younger generation. Through this sharing of knowledge, we hope to be able to keep these beautiful cars around for a long time.
When the club membership reached 150, original founder, James Potter collaborated with co-founders George Titek and John Gambill, and started laying the groundwork for what would become `57 Fords International. Through much work, a charter was drawn up, research was done concerning the legal aspects of the incorporation of the club.
Eventually, the club fell by the wayside as the founders tried to keep it going on a shoestring budget, and with little help. With everything near rock bottom, the club's reassessment was made by several key members. The decision has been made to bring the club back to its former glory, and then to make it better. A new charter has been drafted, and club bylaws are in the process now. The club remains international, but is split into regions for the US and other territories.
`57 Fords International has grown, and we have members all over the world. We will hold three events per year, one in Ohio, one on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and the other in California. These are well attended by `57 Ford enthusiasts. For more information, contact us at the addresses located on the main page at: www.57fordsforever.com (http://www.57fordsforever.com)

Visit us on Facebook at:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/57-Fords-International/182566455114071?ref=ts&fref=ts (http://www.facebook.com/pages/57-Fords-International/182566455114071?ref=ts&fref=ts)

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Many Thanks. Check out the new www.57fordsforever.com (http://www.57fordsforever.com) website and the forum. Lots of info.